Be Prepared For Your Appointment!

How To Be Prepared:

  1. EAT AND SLEEP: Please make sure that you have eaten and are hydrated before you arrive to your appointment.
  2. Avoid Blood Altering Substances: No alcohol, heavy medications (not prescribed by a doctor), energy drinks, double/triple espresso shots, etc. (generally speaking, things that are not great for your body).
  3. No Children:  Bringing a child to your appointment prompts stress for all parties involved, including the child.
  4. Payment Options: Major credit cards, debit, cash, e-transfer.
  5. After Plans: If you are sitting for more than 2 hours, it is recommended that you return home directly after your appointment, and do not participate in any strenuous or ambitious activities – to allow your body to effectively begin the healing process.

What To Bring:

For appointments longer than one hour:

  • Light refreshments
  • Water bottle
  • Cozy socks and sweater

Can I Use Numbing Cream?

This is a common question. Many are interested in bringing or applying over-the counter numbing cream beforehand.

It is to your disadvantage if you do so, because:

  • Numbing cream can often distort the ink absorption. Depending on your skin type, the ink may not enter the skin as solidly as it should.
  • The numbing only works for one pass – meaning that it would work to alleviate pain on the boarding lines; however, once the artist goes back into the same area for colour or shading, the numbing will have already dissipated. The second pass will hurt significantly more than if numbing cream was never applied in the first place. 

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