MarDon Tattoos is focused on alleviating areas of concern for clients. Some examples of areas that we can help are with surgery, injuries, birth defects, and stretch marks.

Tattoo Artist Hannah Gideon utilizes medical tattooing techniques such as:
  • Body Art
  • Coverups
  • Tattoo Revamping
  • Scar Coverup
to assist with creating the results that clients wish to achieve.


Although the original tattoo will never fully disappear, some tattoos can be converted into a new work of art. Some tattoos might require a few sessions of tattoo laser removal before proceeding with the coverup.  When inquiring about a touch up please email photos of your existing tattoo and communicate your direction/intentions with the new piece. From there we can see if your tattoo is a good candidate for a coverup.

Tattoo Revamping

Older tattoos, partially finished pieces, or simply tattoos that no longer appeal to you, can sometimes be spruced up to give a whole new look and feel. Before reaching out for a revamp, please consider touching base with the original artist, and if they are no longer an option please send photos/description through email or facebook messenger to see if your piece would be a good candidate for a revamp.

Body Art

More than ever, beautiful tattoos are emerging! Everywhere you go, there’s people with gorgeous tattoos and they are becoming the norm. Gotta love it!

Before getting a piece done by any artist, make sure to look through their portfolio and do your research! Every artist has a different style of work, and has limits on what they can and cannot take on.

Please send a detailed message with reference photos on what you are envisioning to MarDon, through email or Messenger and the artist will get back to you!

Scar Coverup

Whether it be a self-harm, injury, burn, or surgical scarring, body art can often be a nice option for deterring the eye away from its attention.  Please be advised, that the scar will not disappear under the tattoo; however the artwork can often distract the main focus away from the original scar. With the skin tissue being thinner and wavy skin layers, it can often require 2 sessions for scar coverup tattoos to fully take in all areas. Patience with the process, and topical numbing application before your tattoo are key to scar coverup tattoos!  

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